VantiPro Consulting Services Include:

  • Security Solutions Design: VantiPro designs security solutions that can be integrated and that are state of the art. We design Solutions that meet all our clients’ needs and requirements.

  • Security Solutions Evaluation: VantiPro evaluates the time and cost our clients will need to invest to receive the best solution at the end of the project.

  • Fire Systems Design: VantiPro designs the most effective fire system to help the client benefit. We make sure that every design is within regulation and that all criteria have been met.

  • End to end Systems Implementation: VantiPro can assist with the project from start to finish, whether it is the designing of the system, the sourcing of the correct suppliers or the sourcing of the installer.

  • Supplier and Installer Management: VantiPro assist in finding the best and most reliable suppliers and installers for the project where we also assist in the project management.

  • Briefing Clients on latest Technologies: VantiPro stays in trend with the latest technology, we keep our clients updated regarding the newest and best features in the industry.

  • On Site Training for Client Resources: At the end of the project VantiPro provides training on the systems when the project has been completed, for the end user to know how to work the system.

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